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Health and Travel Insurance

Personal Risk Protection

"Health insurance protects you and your family TODAY!!!" 
  • The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is still law, and expands USA health coverage to a world class level by eliminating lifetime limits on policies. 

  • You cannot be denied coverage due to a pre-existing condition.

  • Your coverage cannot be dropped or  your premiums increased if you get sick.

  • Your children can stay on your health plan until age 26

  • Puts a cap on annual out-of pocket medical and drug expenses.

A health event left unchecked can devastate your family and your finances.  Protect your family NOW!
You are only a 'click' away  to see how easy it is for you to get health protection you can afford!

  • Blue Shield of California <-click name for a free quote or apply from home. Major medical, dental and vision
  • <-call 800 986 5199 for a free quote and to enroll. You may qualify for a subsidy! Or you may be a new to our country.  We'll walk you through the process and you can apply from home or office.  Major medical, dental and vision.  Individual, Family or Small Businesses!

  • HealthNet  < - click name for a free quote and apply at homeMajor medical, dental and vision
  • Travel medical insurance <-click for free quote or apply from home.  Protection when you travel out of the USA for business, church, school or pleasure. Ideal for business, long vacations, missionary and overseas student coverage.

  • ZaneHealth<- click for information on a group health, defined contribution health benefits, solution that creates happier employees, reduces employer administration costs and frees up time to focus on your job.

What are you waiting for? Something to happen? Call 800 986 5199 to qualify today and protect yourself for those who mean the most to you!
"We Care About You!"